Headless Documentation & Knowledge Base Software

We have created a product documentation and knowledge base tool that your team, your clients, and search engines will love. Stay tuned for ProductTutor and get ready for:

  • The first headless documentation software,
  • The fastest documentation front-end and intuitive user experience,
  • Advanced SEO optimization on each element.

Integrated with Most Popular Headless CMS Tools

Logging in to various platforms in order to manage your documentation can be a massive burden when you have to keep up with your routine, and we want to eliminate this problem with the highest efficiency we can provide. We enabled integrations for the most popular CMS tools so that you can use the CMS software to manage your documentation as well. Time efficiency will be one of many benefits of this lightning-speed documentation with which you won't need to use an external content management system.

ProductTutor is integrated with:

  • WordPress Rest API: Our WordPress plugin will help you connect your existing WordPress website’s backend to ProductTutor where you can manage your documentation.
  • Contentful: We do have full integration with Contentful and our wizard will automatically set up your documentation structure on your Contentful account.
  • Webflow: Have a website on Webflow? That's great! Our API is connected with Webflow's CMS feature, you can now manage your documentation from a single panel. Notion: We know you love Notion so do we. Our visually enticing template set and API connection with Notion await your discovery.
  • Airtable: We enable 1-Click-Integration with Airtable. ProductTutor can create a new base or add a table to your existing base.

What is a Headless CMS?

Headless CMS is like traditional CMS in that it allows the users to author and store their data. But it comes with a further advantage, it enables users to decide the final presentable output. For instance, if you want your content to fit mobile phones, kiosks, applications, webpages, Headless CMS will allow your content to be apt for the aforementioned and any other digital platforms, with no further necessity to adjust the content format.

Traditional WordPress CMS vs. Headless CMS

Traditional CMS has dominated the market for a very long time because it is more familiar and easy to use. However, it limited users' output and tied it to a single webpage. For instance, WordPress uses Graphical User Interface (GUIs) to create and publish content on pre-built templates. Traditional CMS offers you the ease of use and comfort. You do not need technical experience to run your content. You work with templates, plugins, and themes that are ready-made.
The downside of traditional CMS is that your website may load slower over time as you add more content and it bears possible security risks. With these limitations, the ROI of traditional CMS comes into question compared to Headless CMS.
With Headless CMS, the front-end is separated from the back-end. The emphasis is on the content (creating and storage) with little control over displaying the channel of the content. Headless CMS becomes more appealing for organizations working across many channels worldwide.

SEO and Speed Optimized Knowledge Base Software

You are creating a lot of content for the knowledge base. Why not get the best of it using complete SEO-optimized documentation software?
We are all used to traditional knowledge base software where the SEO and user experiences are almost never considered. In order to change this, we have crafted the world's first SEO-optimized knowledge base and documentation software. We have crafted the world’s first SEO-optimized knowledge base and documentation software.
What have we done to achieve this milestone?
The documentations that are powered by ProductTutor get the best possible performance from an SEO standpoint. We have invested too much time and energy into this. We can’t give you all our secrets but here are some high-level points from our product’s SEO capabilities:

  • We have created a performance-first server/front-end infrastructure. The pages load in the lighting speed.
  • Each of our elements is created with an SEO focus. We have used all basic and advanced schema, markdown, and front-end technologies.
  • All of our page formats are working perfectly with schema. Our backend does the magic and adds necessary tags to your posts.
  • Sitemap, RSS feed, Open Graph integrations
  • Thousands of tiny details
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